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The time between meeting and finally leaving
- is sometimes called falling in love.
10th-Jan-2012 11:13 pm
God, its not easy.
Basically, this is a twitter rant but it's too long, so linking it will have to do:

Don't spam me with hate tweets! Don't retweet my tweets to your friends if you know they are going to be causing hate tweets and MOSTLY don't hate me for quitting a show I used to love. I spent years watching Addison, adoring Addison, loving Addison. There was a time when I named Private Practice as my favourite tv show but those times are over. I can't remember one episode in both season 4 and 5 that I haven't fast-forwarded and God, I'm glad I don't actually have to suffer through those painful, humiliating forty minutes...or maybe then I would have quit a long time ago. This wasn't easy for me that's why I stuck with it as long as I did and believe me I wish I had quit earlier, so I would have been able to say 'Private Practice, I remember, was a good show and Addison, I really liked her. She was inspiring.' Instead now it sounds more like 'Private Practice, yeah I remember when I used to like Addison. But it's vague and distant. It could have been a good show but the writing was shit.'
I'm a writer, as in real fiction with characters and plots and the idealistic idea that drama doesn't only need cheating, breaking up and making up again. I remember loving to come home to read stories about Addison (with Derek, with Mark, with Sam) and write them myself or talk about it. Now even thinking about putting my feelings into words lets a shiver run down my back - and not in a good way. This is like breaking up a marriage - hard, painful and a long time coming, so don't hate me for signing the divorce papers. It's just a show - albeit one that I used to love to pieces, so go get a life!
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